Have you been listening to the Beyond Your Wildest Genes podcast?

We are so thrilled with the amazing response that our “just for fun” project has gotten from around the world.  We are heading towards 100,000 subscribers already in just a few months of creating these free podcast episodes.  Honestly, we have enjoyed talking with these amazing guests just as much as we enjoy sharing them with you!

So, if you have found this page, you are probably one of two kinds of guests:

  1. You already listen to the podcast and you want to download your favorites to read and reference later, or
  2. You have found our page somehow in the wonderful world of the internet (maybe through one of our other projects) and are just hearing about the Beyond Your Wildest Genes Podcast for the first time.

Either way, we are happy you are here!  Please take a look around our website, if you haven’t already, and learn more about us, our mission and some of the other free gifts we have to share.

We are passionate about creating opportunities for everyone to live healthier lives and our resources are focused on physical, chemical/nutritional and emotional/spiritual well-being, as are our podcast episodes.  We love practical advice and tools and as we learn, we get to share them with you too!

We decided that this was so much fun that we would provide something extra.  We have hired an amazing transcriptionist to create pdf printable versions of our podcast episodes.  These are our gift to the world and we have loaded them here for free.

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We update this collection as new episodes are aired so check back for new ones regularly!

(We know, everyone thinks we are crazy to offer these for free when they could be an Amazon best-selling book!  But hey, we just want to get this amazing information out there to EVERYONE and really change lives for the better. So help us out in our mission by sending your friends here to get a copy too 🙂 )